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A little about me.

Welcome to my Medium page. I’m a writer, living in the US Midwest, with two children and a lovely wife. I like writing about women that own their sexuality, couples that explore new sensual experiences, and BDSM… just for fun.

My writing career started when the muse hit me in 2014, now 60-plus books and novellas later, with many Medium stories, still going strong. I believe that all erotica needs to be anchored in the reality of the life the couple is sharing with each other. That informs every decision about plot and character.

You may have noticed my stories are not all one kink. As a reader, I never want to get bored of the works I read. If I were to only read one style, genre or kink, I suspect I would not enjoy books simply because they’re too similar to the last three books I read.

I feel the same as a writer. Changing things up keeps me coming at stories and characters with a fresh perspective, hopefully creating more enjoyable erotic tales.

So please, join me for my travels through the wild world of erotica.

You can find me online at:

You are welcome to email me at gk@gkgrayson.com

Books and other content

Find out more about my books and other content on my website:

My books are mainly published through the Amazon Kindle Store.

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Contact me at gk@gkgrayson.com.

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GK Grayson

GK Grayson

Author of erotica, featuring hotwife, BDSM and MMF fantasies. And overall swell guy. See more at gkgrayson.com.